Cleaner air



We all want to live in a city with a travel system that is greener, cleaner and safer for all. Our city is densely populated and while many of us need to own a vehicle, they cause congestion and contribute to over 50% of air pollution. 

Like many cities across the country Portsmouth is facing a serious problem with air quality. Our Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) plays a big part in improving air quality, and we are also working on our Local Transport Plan, which prioritises delivering cleaner air.

The charging CAZ is only one small part of the work we are undertaking to tackle air pollution and climate change in the city. This is supported by a number of other activities, such as:

  • providing more Electric Vehicle (EV) charge points
  • reviewing taxi licensing rules to encourage cleaner taxis and private hire vehicles (PHV) in the city
  • using the parking permits fee to encourage low emission vehicles, and discourage multiple car ownership
  • changing parking capacity and pricing, including expanding the Park and Ride
  • improving public transport (see the Public Transport section of this website)
  • retrofitting over 100 local buses that travel through heavily polluted parts of the city so they meet cleaner Euro 6 standards.

View our map of the current Cleaner Air schemes in Portsmouth. Select a marker within the map to find out more information about each scheme.

The Clean Air Zone consultation is open until the 26 August. Your views will help shape how the zone will operate. Only changes proposed that do not affect how long it take us to meet the legal limits for air pollution will be considered.