Walking and wheeling

To support our Local Transport Plan, and in line with the government’s Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy (CWIS), our Safer Travel team have created the Local Walking Cycling and Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP).

With 24% of all journeys to work being less than 2km, there is significant potential to increase the number of people walking and cycling in the city. If people walked and cycled instead of driving, there would be reduced congestion, better air quality and improved levels of fitness.

To prioritise walking and cycling we will establish a cohesive and continuous network work of attractive, inclusive, safe and accessible routes. Each route has been audited based on its attractiveness, comfort, directness and safety. As the quality of some of these routes is poor, they may not currently have high numbers of people travelling on foot or by bike, but the potential for increasing the number of short journeys is high if they are found to be easy, convenient and safe.

Report a walking near miss 

If you’ve had a ‘near miss’ incident in Portsmouth, which made you feel unsafe when walking or cycling around the city, or if you’ve seen one, we’ve created online forms you can use to report it. What qualifies as a near miss may differ from one person to another, so please report any incident you feel was a near miss. Report it


Route4U is an app-based system that allows people with reduced mobility to plan their travel routes with ease.

Portsmouth was the first city in the UK to sign up to the pavement navigation app and information system, allowing residents to identify safer and more accessible routes across the city.

Users can plan their journey using a route map and navigation system. The app also indicates pavement obstacles, surface quality, kerb heights, widths, inclines, and travel distances. It provides route planning and turn-by-turn navigation for wheelchair users, and can be customised to each person’s own abilities.

The system also helps our transport planners when designing, maintaining and improving pavements in Portsmouth. User feedback enables officers to access information about the most problematic areas, enabling them to prioritise pavement maintenance work.

The App can be downloaded app store (for iPhone users), and the Google Play store (for Android users).