Better connected

To support our Local Transport Plan, and in line with the government’s Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy (CWIS), our Safer Travel team has developed an ambitious draft Local Walking Cycling and Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP).

We want to encourage people out of their cars by creating a walking and cycling network that is safe, inclusive, accessible, convenient and attractive. This will help people to get from A to B in the most direct way possible when making every day journeys, such as commuting, going to the shops or travelling for education. It will also play a big part in improving local air quality.  

The draft Portsmouth LCWIP is an ambitious plan that proposes significant investment over the next 10 years that looks to transform the city for both walking and cycling. 

For the initial phase, a network of main corridors and several east-west routes have been identified based on the greatest potential to increase cycling. Cycling-improvement schemes are also included in the Local Transport Plan.

The Draft LCWIP was approved by Cabinet on Thursday 16 July 2020. We are currently seeking the views of everyone who lives, works, visits and studies in the city by carrying out a public consultation. If you would like to tell us your views on our draft plan please read through the document below and have your say. The consultation closes on 9 November 2020.