Opening date: 30/10/2023

Closing date: 15/01/2024

Businesses and organisations in Portsmouth are invited to apply for up to £4,000 to boost sustainable travel by Monday 15 January 2024. This can help you reduce your environmental footprint and contribute to a greener city with cleaner air.

What’s in it for you?

  • Financial support: get up to £4,000 to support sustainable travel for business journeys and make it easier for your employees to walk or cycle to work.
  • Active travel options: embrace cost-effective options like e-bikes, cargo bikes, or pool bikes.
  • Environmental responsibility: reduce your organisation’s environmental footprint, show your commitment to slowing climate change, and pave the way for a net zero future.
  • Employee wellbeing: promote your employees’ health and wellbeing with increased walking and cycling.

How can you apply?

Applications to the workplace sustainable travel fund will close at midnight on Monday 15 January 2024. If your application is successful, we’ll let you know by Thursday 25 January 2024. Applications are open to new applicants and those who have not successfully applied in the past.

For any other enquiries please email