We want to encourage people out of their cars and using other, more sustainable, forms of transport as much as possible. Our plans include improvements for walking, cycling and public transport across the city. By making the alternatives more attractive, safer and more reliable we hope people will make cleaner and greener choices when travelling around the city.

But we know that some people need to drive, so we are doing what we can to make sure our road network runs efficiently, is fit for purpose and remains well maintained. This will help reduce congestion in the city, ensuring that those who need to travel by car can do so safely and efficiently. This helps support an economy that can provide good quality jobs and prosperity for all of those who live and work in the city.

When we have details on our schemes we will provide the information here.

We all have a part to play in improving the air quality within our city, and shaping the city for future generations. We’re asking everyone in Portsmouth to do what they can to travel more sustainably. If you need to use your car, please consider the following:

  • Try choosing a cleaner commute – share a ride to work, cycle, or take the bus (even one day a week makes a difference).
  • Avoid excessive idling of your car by switching your engine off when you’re stationary for a minute or so.
  • When driving into the city centre, use our Park and Ride
  • When it’s time to purchase a new vehicle think about getting a hybrid or electric car. You could start by taking one for a test drive.