Cycling and walking

Active travel, like walking or cycling, is one of the most efficient, affordable, and sustainable ways to get around, especially in a smaller city like Portsmouth. It has many benefits, from improving your physical and mental health, to enhancing the economy and making our air cleaner.

24% of all journeys to work are less than 1.2 miles, so there is significant potential for people to walk and cycle. If people walked and cycled more and drove less, there would be less traffic congestion, cleaner air for us to breathe and people would become fitter.

Cycling is an important part of our Local Transport Plan, and in line with the government’s Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy (CWIS), our safer travel team have created the Local Walking Cycling and Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP).

According to Transport for the South East, the number of people travelling actively is fairly low. This appears to be due to a lack of high-quality infrastructure and not enough promotion of active travel, so people don’t see it as a safe or realistic way to get around.

We want to make walking and cycling a priority, so we’re creating a network of attractive, inclusive, safe, and accessible routes which are joined up and continuous. Each route has been reviewed for its attractiveness, comfort, directness, and safety.

The quality of some of these routes is poor, and they may not currently have high numbers of people walking or cycling, but there’s great potential to increase the number of short journeys if they are found to be easy, convenient, and safe.

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Cycle parking

Our cycle parking tool gives you better chances to keep your bike secure when you’re out and about or close to home.

Residents, visitors and businesses have told us that bike parking is a much-needed feature for homes and businesses across Portsmouth. We’ve already installed 17 lockable bike hangars at key locations, as well as more open ‘bike corrals’ where people can lock bikes while visiting local businesses.

We’ve also installed two bike corrals in Southsea, on Marmion Road and along the sea front near Southsea Beach Cafe. These bike racks provide space to park six bicycles and take up less than one car parking space on the road.

This means that you can cycle across the city and store your bike whilst you visit Southsea’s shops, dining and leisure facilities, or go to work. If more people swap their car journey for cycling it can help reduce traffic congestion, noise and create cleaner air for everyone, while improving your health and wellbeing too.

Improving options for bike parking will help us to make it easier for people to cycle in the city, whether you’re commuting, travelling to school, college or university, or for shopping, fun and leisure.

Use our online form to tell us what kind of cycle parking you want to see and where you’d like to see it. Your suggestions will help increase the amount of bike parking in Portsmouth and complement what we’ve already provided. You could also suggest where we can replace older or broken stands with newer, more suitable models.

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Bike hangars

Bike hangars are on-street, secure, lockable, covered pods which can hold between four and six cycles. They offer a practical solution for people who are keen to cycle but are limited by a lack of outside secure cycle storage.

They are ideal if you would like to cycle for exercise, education or commuting but do not have the space to store a bicycle securely. If storage has stopped you from owning a bike, renting a space in a hangar could be a great opportunity for you to get one.

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Funding boosts

We’ve secured just over £650,000 from the Department for Transport’s Active Travel Fund, to improve cycle lanes and crossings, which make walking and cycling routes safer. The money will be used to create schemes that encourage people to make short trips by bicycle or by foot, making it easier for everyone to make greener travel choices to get around the city.

This aligns with our objectives in the Local Transport Plan. The schemes will focus on creating a cleaner, greener, and more joined-up transport network where residents, visitors, and businesses can access every area of the city, however they choose to get around. The funding is broken down into the following schemes:

  • £420,000 to construct better cycling and walking routes in the East West Active Travel Corridor
  • £75,800 for a new Toucan crossing between Eastern Road and Grove Road
  • £70,000 to improve crossings at Eastney Road and Bransbury Road
  • £87,480 to add more pre-start signals for cyclists at traffic lights

Repair and Ride

We’re running a series of free, informal, hands-on workshops for Portsmouth residents to learn the basics of cycle maintenance. Repair and Ride workshops are suitable for adults of all ages and abilities.

Experienced mechanics from Southsea Cycles teach residents the basic skills of cycle maintenance to help them keep their bikes in tip-top condition throughout the year.

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Near Miss reporting

If you’ve had a ‘near miss’ incident in Portsmouth, which made you feel unsafe when walking or cycling around the city, or if you’ve seen one, we’ve created online forms you can use to report it. What qualifies as a near miss may differ from one person to another, so please report any incident you feel was a near miss.

Report a walking or cycling near miss


Rights of Way

The rights of way network in Portsmouth connects people of all ages and abilities to recreation, history, culture and shopping areas.

There are over 100 footpaths across Portsmouth that are part of our rights of way network. Our Rights of Way Improvement Plan (ROWIP) helps us to develop a clearly defined plan that supports a high quality, well maintained public rights of way network.

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Stomp to School Challenge

Help your child to have fun and be active when they stomp to school with help from the Pompey Monsters!

During the challenge, Stomper, the leader of the Pompey Monsters, encourages children to stomp (walk, cycle or scoot) as many times as possible on their way to and from school. Children who take part will earn in-app challenge badges to encourage them to keep going and continue to earn rewards.

Every stomp counts as children record their progress through the app to compete with other classes for extra playtime. The children’s stomps all add up as participating schools in the north and south of Portsmouth compete with each other for the chance to win the top prize – a BMX show or a choice of great runners-up prizes.

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Stomp for Stamps

Throughout the summer holidays, children can take part in our big adventure, and walk, cycle and scoot towards great prizes.

Stomp for Stamps is about taking part and having fun with friends or family. People who take part willhelpi to keep our air cleaner by learning how to travel more sustainably. At the end of the challenge, you’ll be amazed at the skills children have learnt, like map-reading, art, and interesting facts about each local area.

All the walking, cycling and scooting will lead to greener, more active travel habits that will help you and your family stay fit and healthy. And by travelling less by car, you’re making the air cleaner and safer for everyone to breathe!

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