Opening date: 04/08/2020

Closing date: 25/08/2021

We have been awarded £214,515 in funding from the governments Emergency Active Travel Fund to put a variety of new temporary schemes in place to encourage people to walk and cycle more and to create space for social distancing.

These schemes are monitored to ensure they are working appropriately for residents, businesses and those using them. To make decisions, on whether the scheme needs altering, it should be removed or continue, data is analysed. This includes an analysis of the schemes usage, road safety audits, the latest information from public health and the police.

One of these schemes is the creation of temporary pedestrian crossings along Eastern Parade that creates a safer route to the seafront for people walking.

Scheme information

What is happening and why?

The two temporary pedestrian crossings create safe crossing points especially at a time when more people are walking to the seafront because of the road closures on the seafront roads. These closures have been put in to create space for social distancing in this busy location.

The temporary crossings are located between Helena Road and Bruce Road and between Burbidge Grove and Brading Avenue

How will people be affected by the change?

People can cross safely at two locations on Eastern Esplanade with the help of the pedestrian crossings.

Some car parking has been suspended so drivers can see people who are approaching the crossing and ready to cross. Canoe Lake car park has been opened to compensate for the loss of car parking spaces on Eastern parade. This resulted in the seafront road closure (another Emergency active travel fund scheme) being altered slightly so that people can access the car park.

Have your say

We welcome feedback from businesses, customers, residents, and people walking and cycling through the area on how the scheme is working. This will help us make alterations and improve the scheme where possible, as well as helping us gather information to inform our review of the scheme. Please share your views by emailing us at

Please also share your views by taking part in the Sustrans Space to Move survey by visiting 

Next steps

We will regularly review all temporary road changes to ensure they are working how we want them to during the pandemic. Data will be gathered on the route usage, road safety audit and current information from Public Health and the Police, and we will also review all feedback we receive. The reviews could lead to some alterations or removal of the road closure depending on how well the change works.

If the routes work well in creating a safe and enjoyable space that encourages active travel, we could then look at adapting the designs to make it permanent.  However, this is a temporary change at this stage, and we’ll be reviewing it regularly to make sure it works appropriately for users of the route, residents and businesses in the area.