Report a near miss

If you’ve had a ‘near miss’ incident in Portsmouth, which made you feel unsafe when walking or cycling around the city, or if you’ve seen one, we’ve created online forms you can use to report it. What qualifies as a near miss may differ from one person to another, so please report any incident you feel was a near miss.

A near miss could be:

  • having to step back from the kerb when a car has passed too close
  • a car, lorry or bus not stopping at a zebra crossing
  • a cyclist passing too closely on a shared cycle/walking path
  • a car mounting a kerb
  • a vehicle crossing a cyclist’s path

To report a near miss we’ll need your contact details, and information about the incident, including where it took place, the date and time, and the vehicles involved.

Report a walking or cycling near miss

Once you’ve completed the online form, our road safety team will review the information you’ve provided. This will be used to help make safer spaces for everyone using our pavements, crossings and shared paths and could include identifying any areas which need closer monitoring like places where repeat incidents occur. Thank you for helping make Portsmouth a safer place for people to walk and cycle.