Opening date: 13/09/2021

Closing date: 11/04/2022

School Streets trials were introduced to Portsmouth during 2021. The trials, which temporarily limit most motorised traffic around schools create safer routes to school and allow the local community to enjoy a safer place to live, study, work and travel. St Jude’s Church of England Primary School and Bramble Infant and Nursery School were the first schools to take part in the trial.

School Streets limit the amount of non-essential traffic from entering the roads near schools during drop-off and pick-up times. Parents, children, school staff and visitors are encouraged to walk or cycle to school, resulting in a safer, healthier environment which develops cleaner air and reduces traffic congestion in residential areas. Research has shown that pupils who walk and cycle to school are more alert and ready to start the day than those who travel by car.

During a School Street, access is available for residents and business premises on the street, emergency services, school transport, blue badge holders and carers of residents who live in the street. People with specific requirements are able to pre-agree access with the head teacher.

We’re working with walking and cycling charity, Sustrans, to manage the scheme. Taster days are held at participating schools ahead of the trial launch to give residents, parents and pupils a chance to see School Streets in action and find out more, ahead of the start of the seven week trial. People are able to share their experience of the trials through a survey which can be found on each school’s website.

Participating schools will also take part in the Pompey Monster Stomp to School Challenge. During the trial parents and children will walk or cycle to school, guided by Stomper, with the Pompey Monster Stomp to School Challenge. Stomper’s digital, seven week challenge, will guide you and your child/children on a fun journey to school while earning rewards for walking, cycling or scooting* at least three times a week.

The council are currently in discussions with schools selected for Phase 2 of the trial which will launch in April 2022. Anyone interested in a School Street in their area should contact their local school. Head teachers of Portsmouth schools can work with the council to develop a School Street.

Find out more about the trial by reading our FAQs or contact us

*For a safe journey to school please remember that private e-scooters are illegal on public roads and rental e-scooters are only for one person 18 years or over, with at least a provisional licence.

What is a School Street?

A School Street is a timed road closure which takes place at the beginning and the end of the school day and is designed to improve safety for the children and parents using the school. The School Street will be temporarily closed by using moveable barriers operated by trained stewards wearing high-visibility vests. This is achievable through an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO) and will last for a maximum of an hour at the beginning of the day. In practice, many schools find they do not need to use the full hour they have been allocated.

What is the purpose of a School Street?

  • To create a safer and more pleasant environment for families arriving at school, while also tackling congestion and reducing risk from motorised vehicles
  • To encourage active travel to and from school
  • To improve air quality in the immediate area outside of the school
  • To encourage a long-lasting mode shift away from the car

When are the School Street restrictions in force?

Restricted vehicle access will be in place between set times around drop-off and pick-up on weekdays during school term time. A School Street does not operate during school holidays, inset days or at weekends.

Which schools are taking part in the trials?

Bramble Infant and Nursery School are currently taking part and have extended their trial until Christmas 2021.

If you are a resident, business, parent or carer and have a question about the School Streets trial at the school, please contact:

Bramble Infant and Nursery School – Call 023 9282 8604 or email

What restrictions are in place at this school?

Bramble Nursery and Infant School

A temporary road access restriction is in place on Heyward Road for approximately one hour on term-time weekdays between 8.20am to 9.20am and 3pm to 4pm.

The closures are managed using barriers and signs on the road by trained stewards wearing high-visibility vests. The barriers are removed outside of these times.

What if I'm already parked inside the School Street zone when it comes into operation?

All vehicles already parked in the street before the times of operation will be able to leave when they need to. If your School Street is marshalled, the marshals are able to let you out of the School Street zone, however we strongly encourage you not to move your vehicle during the closure.

Who is exempt from School Streets restrictions?

Specific arrangements differ between School Streets, but in all cases blue badge holders and emergency vehicles would be able to enter the School Street zone during the closure times. Any additional exemptions are usually agreed during the engagement period in the lead-up to implementation of the School Street. It is important to remember that School Streets generally operate on a trial basis to begin with. Exemptions will be one aspect of the scheme that will be examined based on feedback received during the trial. Home to School Transport vehicles will also be exempt.

I’m a blue badge holder, would I still be able to access the School Street zone?

Yes. Blue badge holders would be able to enter the School Street zone. You will need to drive at walking pace with a marshal within the zone to ensure the safety of people within it.

I'm a parent or carer, could I drive into the School Street zone?

No. Parents or carers dropping children at school are not able to drive into a School Street zone unless they can show that they are exempt. You will still be able to walk, cycle or scoot to school in a more friendly and safer environment.

What if I have a delivery that I can't change?

We encourage all residents, businesses and even the participating schools to ensure they don’t arrange for deliveries during the closure times. If, however, you simply cannot rearrange a delivery time, the driver will be guided through the School Street at walking pace behind a steward. This is the same for all vehicles.

If possible, we would encourage you to alter any pre-existing weekly shopping deliveries to fall either side of the closure times.

How long do School Streets last?

School Streets are implemented on a trial basis, using Experimental or Temporary Traffic Orders. The trial period will be for seven weeks from September 2021. If the trial is successful based on the results of monitoring and feedback from the school community and local residents, the closure is likely to be made permanent.

What if there is a gas or water leak?

Under a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO), all utility companies will have access to the street/s for any emergency work that’s required.

Who do I contact if I want to find out more about a School Street in my area?

If you are interested in finding out more about School Streets or would like to enquire about a School Street for your school please email Please allow five working days for a response.