Opening date: 01/07/2020

Closing date: 02/07/2020

There are Real Time Information (RTI) screens at 12 interchange locations; 120 units in bus shelters, and 20 pole-mounted units at bus stops without shelters in Portsmouth.

RTI units provide live bus arrival times, while RTI screens are installed at key interchange locations (such as Commercial Road and Cosham interchange) and display the range of destinations available by bus from that stop, to assist people with onward journeys.

Pole-mounted and bus-shelter units have screen reader technology installed which, when activated, announces bus arrival times. Pole-mounted units work with a push-button, while RTI units in shelters work with a special audio fob, which is available to residents from Portsmouth City Council. 

In addition to RTI, QR (quick response) codes have been added to over 600 bus stops in Portsmouth which means that live bus timetable information will soon be available at every single bus stop in Portsmouth.  When scanned by smart phone, QR codes show customers when their next bus is due at that particular stop, giving people more confidence when planning their journey. 

In 2024 Portsmouth’s bus stops will get a further screen upgrade with over 300 more bus information screens set to be installed at bus stops making journeys even easier for passengers. This project will be funded by the Portsmouth Bus Service Improvement Plan.  The latest improvements will see up to 307 more screens installed with real time information about buses arriving and how busy they are. This will mean up to 95% of bus stops in Portsmouth will have information to help people have an easier journey.

All the new screens will also have a push button on the bus stop, which can be pressed for passengers to hear the information displayed on the screens, making them more accessible to those with visual impairments.

Screens are being installed in direct response to bus users requests for more real time information at bus stops in the city, which was highlighted as one of Portsmouth’s resident’s priorities in the bus service improvement plan survey.

Transport systems experts Vix technology will install the new screens in 2024. There will be two different types of screens installed in Portsmouth, those at bus shelters and pole mounted screens at bus stops without shelters.

Bus stop information screens display an estimated time of arrival of bus services calling at each stop, with a countdown for when the bus will arrive. They use GPS data from detectors installed in each bus to calculate how far away the bus is from the stop and how long the bus will take to arrive. The newly installed screens will also be able to display other information in real time, such as weather reports and news updates.