Portsmouth is one of a number of cities taking part in a national trial of rental e-scooters. We’re working with our partners at Solent Transport, who have been awarded funding from the Department for Transport (DfT) to launch rental trials in Portsmouth, on the Isle of Wight and at other locations across the Solent region, as part of the Future Transport Zone Programme.

The Portsmouth trial was approved at the council’s Traffic and Transportation Committee meeting in February 2021. It provides an opportunity for people to use e-scooters for commuting and leisure and to share their experience of rental e-scooters with the council and Solent Transport. This will form part of a national approach to building a more sustainable travel network.

Riders will be required to follow the same rules of the road as cyclists. Privately owned e-scooters remain illegal, except on private land.

Rental e-scooters offer a safe and socially-distanced transport option to help the region recover from the coronavirus pandemic and can replace short car journeys, help improve air quality and reduce traffic congestion. They can be easily combined with public transport trips and provide a practical option for short journeys which make up 60% of all road trips in the U.K.

In Portsmouth, the e-scooter rental trial will be operated by Voi Technology, who will be operating trials in 21 cities across the UK by March 2021. Participants are encouraged to take part in online training, through Voi’s online e-scooter driving school. Riders must be over 18 years old and hold at least a valid provisional driving license. They will also be encouraged to wear a bicycle helmet.

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