Phase 1 – Eastern Road walking and cycling route

The funding boost of over £450,000 from the government’s Active Travel Fund which will pay for improvements to a stretch of the cycle path between Airport Service Road and Burrfields Road. These improvements will be Phase 1 of the scheme.

Eastern Road is an essential route used by a vast number of people for a variety of reasons. This makes them the best people to share their opinions on how we could improve the walking and cycling route along Eastern Road. The improvements will offer people a more attractive alternative to travelling by motor vehicle. This would benefit peoples’ health and create less air pollution.

The council carried out an opinion survey in late January/early February 2021. The feedback gathered allowed us to gain an understanding of people’s opinions of the Eastern Road cycling and walking route. This will help inform future funding bids as opportunities arise over the coming years.

Share your feedback on specific locations by visiting Widenmypath

First stage of improvement works

Over the next few years, the plan is to make Eastern Road a more attractive, pleasant and safer route for walking and cycling. This stage of activity, funded by government’s Active Travel Fund, was completed in early February 2022 and included:

  • widening the path but not into the road
  • relocating the streetlights to the side of the path

This work did not impact on the width of the road.

We hope that these improvements will offer people a more attractive, safe alternative to travelling by motor vehicle. Choosing to walk or cycle creates less air pollution than travelling by car, and benefits health and wellbeing.

The next stage of improvements will focus on the section of cycle path that runs alongside Harbourside Caravan Park and is due to take place later in 2022. This is proposed to include further path widening towards the sea without impacting the road.

In 2020, during the first lockdown due to the pandemic, we considered introducing a temporary cycle lane when traffic movement was low. These plans were dropped once traffic increased following lifting of travel restrictions. During any works to make improvements to the cycle path we may need to temporarily close a lane so that work can be carried out safely.

We intend to preserve the natural balance of the area and protect any wildlife habitats whilst creating improvements for people using this route. If any bushes need to be removed, we will work within environmental restraints to ensure that this work is done outside bird nesting season and this will be balanced with replanting where possible.

The council is also engaging key stakeholders in their plans to co-develop them with all users of this route, as well as those located along the road and in the surrounding area.

For further information about this phase and engagement activity, view this summary.

Further information

What is proposed and why?

The phase will look to make improvements for those travelling by foot or by bicycle between Airport Service Road and Burrfields Road. This section of Eastern road is currently a well-used leisure and commuting route, but one that requires upgrading to support the increasing number of walkers and cyclists at this location. The improvements being considered aim to make this route safer and a more pleasurable place to walk and cycle for all ages and abilities.

The improvements proposed include:

  • Creation of a two way cycle lane and foot path
  • Kerb replacement and footway re-paving
  • Installation of road markings
  • Lay-by removals and extension of footways
  • Improvements to lighting and signage
  • Relocation of street lights and signs

We hope this would encourage more people to cycle for their short trips or as part of a longer journey, as well as being a more pleasant place to walk.


How will people be engaged in this scheme

We will engage with residents, businesses and users of the route throughout the whole project. We will create awareness of each key stage, provide opportunities for people to find out more and give people a variety of ways to share and discuss their views. We will also create an e-bulletin to keep people up to date that wish to be a part of our journey.

Engagement for this activity will include:

  • Public opinion survey to understand what people think could be changed along Eastern Road. This would be shared digitally and via a letters to people in the area, as well as with all interest groups and key stakeholders.
  • Stakeholder engagement with businesses on Eastern Road as well as other key stakeholders including emergency services, bus operators and Royal Mail.
  • Online consultation events or in person events depending on government restrictions during the pandemic. This could include a pop up information stand on the route.
  • Information to make people aware of decisions that are made about the scheme and creating and excitement about the changes. Once the scheme is in use celebrating success.
  • Throughout the scheme the webpage will be kept up to date and we will share key information via our social media channels
  • For everyone that would like to be kept up to date we will have an e-bulletin people can sign up to. Also people can follow our Cleaner air Portsmouth Facebook page that highlights all the activity we are doing to improve air quality.
  • For anyone that has a question they will be able to email us at our team email address that is coming soon.

Further activity will be developed as part of this scheme.