Opening date: 15/03/2021

Closing date: 31/07/2023

Bike hangars are on-street, secure, lockable, covered pods which can accommodate between four and six cycles. They offer a practical solution for people who are keen to cycle but are limited by a lack of outside secure cycle storage. They are ideal if you would like to cycle for exercise, education or commuting but do not have the space to store a bicycle securely. If storage has stopped you from owning a bike, renting a space in a hangar could be a great opportunity for you to get one.

A bike hangar pilot was introduced to eight roads between March and September 2021, following resident requests for more cycle storage and to make cycling more accessible to everyone, as part of a wider approach to supporting active travel and creating a greener, cleaner city.

We successfully completed our second phase of installations in February 2023. Our bike hangars are currently located in the following roads:

  • Addison Road x 2
  • Binsteed Road
  • Clarence Road
  • Collingwood Road
  • Eastfield Road
  • Francis Avenue
  • Guildford Road
  • Hunter Road
  • Lennox Road South,
  • Lucknow Street
  • Lumsden/Ferry Road x 2
  • Manners Road
  • Methuen Road
  • Sultan Road
  • Worsley Street

If you live in one of these roads and would like to request to rent a space in a bike hangar please email or write to

Chi Sharpe
Active Travel Officer
Safer Travel Team
Portsmouth City Council
Civic Offices

Bike hangar survey

In July 2021 we carried out a two-week survey amongst users and non-users of the bike hangars. The information we collected from this survey has helped us to understand how the bike hangars have been received, identify which hangar model was most popular and if a specific model was better at fulfilling specific resident needs. You can read more about our survey results in the report.

Recommend your road for a hangar

If the scheme continues to be popular we will seek further funding to further expand bike hangars to other roads in the city. If you would like to rent a space in a bike hangar but don’t live near the roads selected for the pilot you can nominate your road for a hangar in the future.

If you have any questions regarding bike hangars please email

Frequently asked questions

How much space does a bike hangar take up on the road?

Each hanger takes up between half and one vehicle space. By re-purposing a parking space in this way, up to six people are able to travel by bicycle who may not have been able to do so before.

How can I rent a space in a hangar?

You can sign up by clicking on the road link above to select your nearest hangar. This will take you through to the website for the hangar provider where you can sign up. The provider will manage your account and you will pay the £30 annual subscription directly to them once the initial six month trial has finished.

How do I get my key?

This will be managed by the hangar provider. Once you have made a successful application, a key will be sent out to you. Your hangar provider will be able to help if you lose your key. Only people who have made a successful application to rent a space in the hangar will be issued with a key.

How secure are the hangars?

Bike hangars are a convenient and effective way to protect your bike from the weather and reduce the risk of theft or vandalism. We recommend that you secure your bike inside the hangars using a good-quality lock, preferably one that is ‘sold secure’.

What will happen once the trial finishes?

The trial finishes in September 2021. We will look at the feedback we receive from residents over the six months and will present the findings to the Cabinet Member for Traffic and Transportation’s decision meeting, where further decisions will be made.

This could involve recommendations for a wider rollout across the city and would involve evaluating information about specific hangar providers. Hangars could also be moved or relocated to more suitable locations

If a decision is made to roll out bike hangars to other areas of the city we will seek further funding to do this. If there is insufficient interest in bike hangars then the scheme would be withdrawn and the hangars would be removed.