Portsmouth Bus Service Improvement Plan bus lane improvements

Project Overview

Portsmouth City Council has been granted funding to deliver the Portsmouth Bus Service Improvement Plan (link to BSIP page) which aims to transform bus services, and to make public transport faster and more convenient. As part of this work Norway Road, and Walton Road have been identified as areas that could benefit from improvements, that would ease congestion on the roads and help to prevent delays for buses in the city.

Updated:18 March 2024

Walton Road

The council have been working on possible designs for bus lane improvements in this area and have developed a couple of options for the improvements for the public to consider.

Improvement 1A – Create a southbound bus lane from the Walton Road bus stop to the junction with the A27, with a short section for buses and authorised vehicles only as shown on the signs, known as a bus gate. An example of this at another location is at the junction of M275 southbound, at the approach to Rudmore roundabout. This improvement would help reduce journey times and enhance reliability.

Improvement 1B – Extending the pedestrian footpath to continue along the East side of the A27 and creating a safe crossing point with traffic lights to improve this route for people walking. This would be in addition to improvement 1A.

Improvement 2 – Instead of 1A or 1B, a southbound bus lane could be added from the Walton Road bus stop with a bus only route which would bypass the Walton Road junction, access to the junction with the A27 would stay the same. This would increase the flow of buses through this area. At the A27 junction the footpath would be widened, so that walkers and cyclists can use it, with trees planted on both sides.

Norway Road

Map of possible improvements to Norway Road including adding a bus lane.

The council have been working on possible designs for bus lane improvements in this area and have developed a proposed improvement for the public to consider.

We propose the addition of a westbound bus lane on Norway Road, stretching from Gunstore Roundabout to Copnor Road signals. This approach would establish two lanes: one dedicated to buses on the nearside and another for general traffic continuing straight on or turning left into Merlin Drive. Such a measure is anticipated to enhance the efficiency of the number 21 buses along this route.

The bus stops will remain, and further improvements will be made to create a safer walking route through the area including a new zebra crossing and new foot paths.


You can now have your say on proposed improvements to Walton Road and Norway Road in Portsmouth.

Residents are being asked for their views on the proposals. And you can add your feedback Walton Road and  Norway Road

Calls for feedback will close on the 15 April, and the survey’s findings will be analysed, alongside traffic modelling and other data gathered by the council. Recommendations will then be taken to a formal meeting later in the year and will help us decide where to make specific improvements, and how best to implement these changes.