Elm Grove and Kings Road consultation results


A predominately quantitative online survey was launched on Tuesday 22 September and open until Thursday 8 October.

It was promoted through various marketing and communications to maximise consultation engagement and subsequent response rate:

  • Portsmouth City Council social media platforms
  • Letters were delivered to residents and businesses in the local area (see definitions below)
  • Visits to businesses
  • Portsmouth City Council email marketing distribution lists
  • Two face-to-face engagement sessions

The research sought the views about the proposed temporary cycle routes of three cohorts of respondents, these included:

  • Businesses (companies with premises directly on Elm Grove/Kings Road or connecting roads)
  • Residents (people that live directly on Elm Grove/Kings Road or connecting roads)
  • Visitors (people that travel to/through the area from other areas of Portsmouth or from outside the city)

In total 919 people interacted with the survey.