Summary: overall impact of trial cycle lane


  • Overwhelmingly the trial cycle lane has had a negative impact on respondents (67%). The largest proportion of respondents reporting a negative impact are businesses (86%), then residents (72%), and finally visitors (64%).
  • There is variation between those who have cycled along the trial lane and those who have not (43% who have reported a positive impact compared to 6% who have not).
  • Although customers were slightly more positive about the trial cycle lane than all other visitors/residents who are not currently customers of Elm Grove/Kings Road (by six percentage points), the majority of this cohort still reported a negative impact (66% only negative and 13% mixed impact).

Overall, what impact has the trial cycle lane had on your daily business activities/your experience of living on, visiting, or travelling through Elm Grove/Kings Road since it was introduced?

Chart showing the impact of the trial cycle lane. The impact was overwhelmingly negative in all groups, except trial cycle lane users.