Summary: positive impact of trial cycle lane


  • Just three businesses reported positive impacts of the trial cycle lane; being encouraged to cycle to work was most popular, followed by smoother flow of traffic.
  • The one ‘other’ comment was from a business respondent reporting that they felt slightly safer for a short distance on their bike.
  • Cycling being safer was the most popular positive impact reported by residents (74%) and visitors (69%). Less illegal parking on cycle lanes (54% residents, 44% visitors) and being encouraged to cycle along Elm Grove/Kings Road (53% residents, 49% visitors) were also popular positive impacts of the trial.

In which of the following positive ways has the trial cycle lane impacted your daily business activities/experience of living on, visiting, or travelling through Elm Grove/Kings Road since it was introduced?

Chart showing businesses responses to the question with ‘encouraged cycling to work’ the biggest positive impact

Chart showing residents and visitors responses to the question with ‘cycling is safer here’ and ‘less illegal parking on cycles lanes’ the biggest positive impacts

Other responses
Positive ‘other’ responses from residents and visitors included the area being safer for all road users (45%); lower levels of traffic and pollution (21%); or none of the options listed (18%) Base: 33