Summary of respondents


  • Almost two thirds of the total respondents to the survey are visitors to Elm Grove/Kings Road (64%); they live in other areas of the city or outside of it. Business representatives make up 2% of respondents, and residents who live on, or on a road connecting to, Elm Grove/Kings Road make up 34% of respondents.
  • There were more customers using Elm Grove/Kings Road before lockdown (86%), than during lockdown (67%) as would be expected, and over half of the businesses who responded have operated as usual throughout the lockdown (62%).

Breakdown of respondents

Chart showing percentage of respondents who are residents (34%), businesses (2%) or visitors (64%)

Use of the trial cycle lane

29% of respondents have cycled along the trial cycle lane

Base: Visitors and residents 1,348

Customers of businesses in the area

Chart showing change in business customers from before lockdown (84%) to since lockdown (67%).

Has your business been open during the second lockdown that was introduced Thursday 5 November 2020?

Chart showing how businesses are operating during second lockdown. 62% are operating as usual, 15% operating with reduced hours, 8% are operating delivery/takeaway only and 19% are closed.