Summary: negative impact of trial cycle lane


  • Parking problems was the most commonly selected negative impact of the trial cycle lane by businesses (95%), residents (90%) and visitors (78%).
  • Businesses also experienced issues with deliveries (79%), more traffic in the area (37%) and a decrease in footfall (32%).
  • Over half of residents also reported more traffic in the area (52%) and no improvements to cycling safety (52%), with high proportions of visitors reporting the same (41%, 45%).

In which of the following negative ways has the trial cycle lane impacted your daily business activities/experience of living on, visiting, or travelling through Elm Grove/Kings Road since it was introduced?

Chart showing businesses responses to the question with ‘parking problems for staff and/or customers’ and ‘delivery issues’ the biggest negative impacts

Chart showing residents and visitors responses to the question with ’caused parking issues’ and ‘More traffic in the area’ the biggest negative impacts

Other responses from businesses

Six business representatives left negative ‘other’ comments which included:

  • A reduction in customers/interest in their business
  • Concerns about losing money
  • Customers having difficulty parking
  • Poor design of the cycle lane
  • Increasing danger for parents dropping their children to the nursery

Other responses from residents and visitors

wdt_ID Negative ‘other’ responses %