Summary: lessons learned


  • Overall, 18% of respondents left further comments around the scheme design and how it could be improved, and 15% left comments about the scheme being a step in the right direction, but also suggested changes that were needed for it to be more successful.
  • Further thematic analysis of these two types of comments revealed the following common themes: enforcement needed to stop cars illegally parking on the cycle lane (24%), making it clear that it is a cycle lane (20%), a need to keep some parking down the road (19%), removing bollards from any future designs (16%), and difficulties with weaving in and out of loading bays, disabled parking spaces and bus stops (16%). Many suggested a two-way cycle lane down one side of the road would be a good idea (12%).

Base: ‘Design suggestions’/ ‘good idea’ further comments 331

“Bollards knocked over. Loading bays obscured. Cars parked in between bollards. A totally brilliant idea executed with ZERO thought.”

“Absolutely love it but the trial has been very poorly implemented, resulting in illegal parking and a disjointed journey.”

“This is a great idea, poorly executed. The bollards are too easily dislodged and vehicles still routinely block the cycle lane. Cycle infrastructure needs improvement across Portsmouth but this simply sets the cause back.”

“I think the cycle lane is a good idea but it was badly implemented and the lanes were ignored by people wanting to park and the road markings were confusing.”

wdt_ID Suggested improvements Percentage (%)