Summary: further comments


  • Thematic analysis of the open-ended further comments revealed several popular themes such as the cycle lane negatively impacting businesses, mainly due to a reduction in parking. This also had a knock-on effect to residents who reported that they were struggling to find spaces near their homes.
  • The cycle lane was also reported to have made the road more dangerous to travel along for all road users, it was too narrow and there was more congestion.
  • The design of the cycle lane was also critiqued, and many reported that cyclists were not using it correctly.

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Base: 1,004

“This is ridiculous. Dreadful for residents and businesses. Not safe for cyclists. Remove it all as soon as you can.”

“The trial is very disruptive to road users, does not improve cycling experience, causes congestion and will be very damaging for all the businesses located in Elm Grove. In addition it has removed parking spaces making parking in the area very difficult.”

“Cyclists are not using the lanes, there are traffic jams and dangerous driving conditions. Unable to park to use local businesses.”

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