Cycle parking

Our new cycle parking tool gives you better chances to keep your bike secure when you’re out and about or close to home. 

Residents, visitors and businesses have told us that bike parking is a much-needed feature for homes and businesses across Portsmouth. We’ve already installed 17 lockable bike hangars at key locations, as well as more open ‘bike corrals’ where people can lock bikes while visiting local businesses. 

Improving options for bike parking will help us to make it easier for people to cycle in the city, whether you’re commuting, travelling to school, college or university, or for shopping, fun and leisure.  

Use our online form and tell us what kind of cycle parking you want to see and where you’d like to see it. Your suggestions will help increase the amount of bike parking in Portsmouth and complement what we’ve already provided. You could also suggest where we can replace older or broken stands with newer, more suitable models.  

Options could include simple Sheffield Stands, or half-height stands, which can hold one or two bikes. You can also suggest bike corrals, which hold up to six cycles and are ideal for shopping and leisure areas, and bike hangars, which are covered, lockable pods for up to six bikes, typically used in residential roads. These multiple racks enable many people to cycle and take up less than one car parking space on the road 

Travelling by bike is a healthier and more sustainable way to get around than by car that can boost your mood and help you stay fitter. It also helps reduce traffic congestion and helps to make our air cleaner, and our city safer and greener. 

Requests will be subject to available funding. We’ll use feedback from the nomination tool to identify hotspots where cycle parking is in high demand, so that secure bike storage is placed in areas where it’s most needed. 

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