East-West Active Travel Route

Project overview

Updated: 22 April 2024

The east-west route to the city centre is a popular one for people traveling into the centre of the city and back again from surrounding areas.

The East West Active Corridor scheme is designed to improve this route to make it safer for people to walk and cycle from the east of Portsea Island to the city centre, and beyond towards Portsmouth Harbour.

Following the completion of the majority of works in Goldsmith Avenue (with the crossings due to be completed shortly), work started on Victoria Road North on 23 October 2023 with all four sections due to be completed by the end of April 2024.

Over the duration of the works there will be lane closures and occasional night works (between 8pm – 6am). Diversion routes will be clearly signed, with overnight closures advertised 14 days in advance through road signage.

A total of 25 new trees will be put in throughout. Any trees that are removed during these works will be replaced with more trees than are being removed, creating larger diverse green spaces, bringing nature back into the city and introducing more sensitive surface treatment for tree roots.

The proposals are an important part of Portsmouth’s Transport Strategy and the supporting draft Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP). This is an ambitious delivery plan that proposes significant investment over the next 10 years that looks to transform the city for both walking and cycling.

The following changes have now been made to the route between Victoria Road South and Somerstown Community Hub.

Completed: Stage 1: Victoria Road North and Bradford Road

Work started on Monday 23 October with the removal of the pedestrian crossing island, and all the work in this location was completed by February 2024. The improvements include:

  • A new ‘tiger crossing’ near the Jami mosque so people can cross Victoria Road North more safely. This is a segregated crossing for people on bikes and on foot, and a similar crossing is located on Fawcett Road.
  • A narrower approach to the crossing to encourage drivers to approach it slowly and minimise crossing time for pedestrians, cyclists and other users
  • Dropped kerbs and off-road cycle lane transitions (ramps) for people on bicycles to get on and off the crossing.
  • Bradford Road junction narrowed slightly to make it easier for people to cross the road.
  • New plants around existing trees, new benches, and bins to make the area more pleasant.
  • Space for a new dock for rental e-scooters or rental bicycles.

Completed: Stage 2: Bradford Road and Montgomerie Road to Somers Road South

Good progress has been made to improve the walking and cycling route between Bradford Road and Somers Road South where it meets Winston Churchill Avenue. These improvements include:

  • New signs to direct people to quieter routes along Bradford Road and Montgomerie Road
  • Improved access to a new segregated cycle lane at the western end of Bradford Road
  • Segregation, including bollards and surface, for people walking or cycling along the southside of Winston Churchill Avenue between Bradford Road and Somers Road South
  • New trees and planting in green space adjacent to Winston Churchill Avenue

Diagram showing works at Victoria Road North


Completed: Stage 3: Somers Road South and Aldwell Street

The narrow-shared path that runs parallel to Aldwell Street has been replaced with a wider and more open path space, so people on bikes or hired e-scooters will remain separate from people on foot and we’ll also add new trees and plants to make the area more pleasant.

  • New ‘Copenhagen’ crossing at Somers Road South including a segregated cycle lane.  Also known as a blended crossing, this is designed to slow down vehicles when entering or exiting side roads and encourage vehicles to give way to pedestrians crossing the road, reinforcing the rules of the Highway Code
  • New segregated cycle lane on Aldwell Street to replace the narrow shared path
  • Improved landscaping along Aldwell Street including new trees

Completed: Stage 4: Aldwell Street and River’s Street

The narrow shared path that runs between Aldwell Street and River’s Street has been replaced with a wider and more open path space for people walking, cycling or riding rental e-scooters. This route is also safer with improved lighting and the introduction of CCTV coverage.

The improvements include:

  • Wider pathway between Aldwell Street and River’s Street for a shared cycle path.
  • New CCTV
  • Improved lighting
  • New trees and more planting
  • New community biodiversity garden at end of River’s Street
  • New community artwork on the wall to improve the area


Our consultation period for this scheme is now closed. It was open from 6 Dec 2021 to 9 January 2022, and the feedback we received helped us decide where to make specific improvements to this route, and how best to implement these changes.

You can view the results of this consultation at our Your City, Your Say website.