Cycling Way-Makers

A group of smiling people in a park, enjoying a cycle

People with a passion for cycling and the enthusiasm to inspire others can register to become a Cycle Way-Maker.

Way-Makers can make a positive difference to cycling in the city by helping people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to gain the confidence to cycle safely. They are able to help in a number of ways by guiding people towards the right training and information, as well as helping to develop safer cycling routes.

We’re looking for 50 people to join the Cycle Way-Maker scheme for 12 months. During this time, our volunteers will become important members of the city’s cycling community, as they support and encourage people around them in their everyday lives, whilst building their own cycling knowledge, experience and networks.

We’ll provide full support which will help to develop skills and confidence during the Way-Maker scheme, and beyond. There will even be the opportunity to be trained to lead small group rides.

As a Way-Maker, volunteers will:

  • Use everyday cycling experience to help us learn more about the way the city’s road and cycling networks are used
  • Have an input in our city cycling route designs
  • Have the opportunity to be trained to lead small group rides
  • Play an active role in Cycle My City events
  • Become part of Portsmouth’s professional cycling networks
  • Benefit from free and discounted rides on Beryl rental bikes and e-bikes
  • Enjoy special offers and discounts in the city
  • Be in with a chance to win a free bike at the end of the 12 months.

Interested? To find out more email

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