St Jude's C Of E Primary School

School Street operating times

Monday to Friday during school term time

8.15am to 9am

2.45pm to 3.30pm

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Proposed permanent School Street

We want to create child-friendly routes for St Jude’s School with safer, cleaner streets for everyone travelling through this area, especially during school pick-up and drop-off times.  

We’ve engaged with residents, parents/carers and school staff to develop a solution to manage traffic in Penny Street, St Nicholas Street, Pembroke Close, Peacock Lane and Pembroke Road. Our plans will also help more people to walk and cycle. 

We held engagement events at the school to share our proposed designs for these roads, and to discuss our plans. Thank you to those who attended and took part in our survey.

St Jude’s School Street started on 19 February 2024.

Our proposal

We aim to create a permanent School Street on Penny Street, St Nicholas Street, Pembroke Close, Peacock Lane and Pembroke Road, during school drop off and pick up times. To ensure the success of this School Street, we have carefully considered the needs of various stakeholders. While the School Street is operating, access is  maintained for all residents and business premises, emergency services, school transport, blue badge holders, taxis and carers of residents who live in the street.

Residents living in the restricted roads have received a free School Streets permit for their own vehicle plus a visitor permit for their guests, to be displayed in vehicles when entering the walking and cycling zone. To obtain a second School Street permit, residents can email 

Implementing this proposal has involved several key changes, including:  

  • New signs on one side of the entrances to Penny Street, St Nicholas Street and Pembroke Close, displaying the restriction times. 
  • Pedestrian and cycle zone ends sign placed at the exit of Peacock Lane and on the reverse of the School Street sign 
  • Advance warning signs on the left side of Pembroke Road in both directions, displaying the restriction times 

The changes have been introduced under an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO). 



How would the ETRO work in Penny Street, St Nicholas Street, Pembroke Close, Peacock Lane and Pembroke Road? 

An Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO) is being  advertised on Penny Street, St Nicholas Street, Pembroke Close, Peacock Lane and Pembroke Road for up to 18 months. During the first six months, residents, businesses and parents can share their views on the School Street.

We’ll follow-up our consultation with a six-month progress review, where we will work to understand how effective the restrictions have been. This will allow us to make any changes or decide if the School Street should become permanent.

If the School Street becomes permanent, the Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO) will be changed into a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO).  

Once you’ve had a chance to experience the School Street for yourselves, we’d like to know your thoughts so that we can develop a scheme that works for everyone. By taking part in our survey, you’ll help us understand how successful we’ve been in tackling congestion and improving road safety around the school. You can take part in the survey more than once if you wish to share new thoughts and experiences.

Take part in our survey. Closing date 18 August 2024.

How will you make sure drivers are observing the restrictions?

We will work with the school to carry out spot checks to ensure that drivers comply with the restrictions. The school will also communicate with parents and carers to help them understand the need to continue to create safer streets for children.

How have we communicated with parents, carers and residents?

  • February 2023. We held our first engagement event at the school to discuss our ambition to create a permanent School Street on Penny Street, St Nicholas Street, Pembroke Close, Peacock Lane and Pembroke Road.
  • October 2023. We held a second engagement event to share our proposed designs.
  • January 2024We sent residents their access permits. Parents, residents and businesses were informed about the School Streets start date. 

Who can access School Streets?

  • A vehicle to be used for police, fire and rescue, ambulance, coastguard for service purposes
  • A vehicle displaying a disabled person’s badge, being used by the person it has been issued to
  • A private hire vehicle or taxi delivering or collecting residents
  • A School Streets permit holder
  • A vehicle being used for Home to School Transport
  • Postal and delivery services, vehicles used for road or utility maintenance, any other vehicle authorised by the council.

Vehicles already parked in the School Streets zone before times of operation can leave the area. We ask drivers to drive slowly and be mindful of pedestrians.

About School Streets permits

We’ve issued permits to residents to all households living within the School Streets zone. Permits must be displayed when entering the zone during operational hours. Visitors must be given their permit ahead of their visit and be able to display it as soon as their vehicle becomes stationary.

School Streets exemption permits are time bound and issued by need. This could include school staff needing access to the school car park, or parents or children with physical health issues which prevent them from walking from the nearest car park i.e. broken leg.

School Streets permits are school specific and non-transferrable.

Who should I contact if I want to discuss this further?

If you have any further enquiries, please email