Pompey Monster Stomp to School Challenge

Image of the front screen of a mobile phone with Pompey Monster logo and written introduction to the challenge.UKK government funded logo including crest and textHelp your child to have fun and be active when they stomp to school with help from the Pompey Monsters!

During the challenge, Stomper, the leader of the Pompey Monsters, encourages children to stomp (walk, cycle or scoot*) as many times as possible on their way to and from school. Children who take part will earn in-app challenge badges to encourage them to keep going and continue to earn rewards.

Every stomp counts as children record their progress through the app to compete with other classes for extra playtime. The children’s stomps all add up as participating schools in the north and south of Portsmouth compete with each other for the chance to win the top prize – a BMX show or a choice of great runners-up prizes.

To take part in the challenge, simply visit the Apple Store or Google Play Store, download the ‘Go Jauntly’ app and click on the ‘Challenges’ icon, then select ‘Pompey Monster Stomp to School Challenge’.

How does the challenge help?

Hundreds of children have enjoyed the challenge so far and we are pleased to continue to work with Go Jauntly to host the challenge on their app. The challenge helps parents, carers and children to choose healthier and safer routes to school, whilst working towards fantastic rewards for each class and for the school.

As well as encouraging children to be more active, the challenge helps to reduce the number of children being dropped off and collected by car. This helps to keep the school gates clear of vehicles, improves road safety by reducing motorised traffic around the school, and helps to develop cleaner air for the health of the whole school community and their neighbours.

* To have a safe journey to school please remember that private e-scooters are illegal. It is illegal to ride a rental e-scooter with more than one person on it and they can only be rented by people over 18 who hold at least a provisional licence.

The Pompey Monster Stomp to School Challenge encourages children to stomp (walk, cycle or scoot) to school. You can access the digital challenge through the ‘Go Jauntly’ app. The Challenge encourages children to earn digital badges and rewards for stomping to school every week.

You can download the Go Jauntly app through the Apple Store or Google Play Store

To take part, pupils from participating schools must stomp (walk, cycle or scoot) to school as much as possible during the challenge, and record their stomps through the Go Jauntly app. If you can’t stomp all the way to school, try parking a short distance away so that children can still stomp some of the way.

Children will record their progress through the app to compete with other classes for extra playtime. The children’s stomps all add up as participating schools compete against each other in the inter-school challenge for the chance to win the top prize – a BMX show, or a choice of great runners-up prizes.

During the 2023 autumn term, the following schools will take part in the challenge between Monday 25 September and Friday 10 November.

Portsmouth North

Portsdown Primary School

Gatcombe Park Primary School

Stamshaw Infant School

Stamshaw Junior School

Portsmouth South

St Swithun’s Catholic Primary School

Penbridge Infant School

Penbridge Junior School

New Horizons Primary School


Each class is issued with a unique code by the school which can be used up to two times on two separate devices belonging to the pupil’s parents/carers.

The Go Jauntly app will update the school with the number of stomps children have completed during each week. This lets the school know which class has earned the greatest number of stomps so that they can issue extra playtime to the winning class.

Separate codes for siblings can be added onto one device and each separate code can be used twice on two different devices.

Each pupil will be issued by the school with a unique participant code and you will be prompted to enter this when joining the challenge. You can add multiple codes by selecting ‘Add another code’. If you have already joined the challenge with only one child, you can add another code later. To do this, select the cog icon at the top of the navigation bar within the challenge, select ‘Add challenge code’ and insert the additional code(s) you have been assigned.

The Pompey Monster Stomp to School Challenge is solely for pupils participating in the Stomp to School Challenge during a given term.

If your child’s school is participating in the Pompey Monster Stomp to School Challenge, the school will give you a class code which you need to enter into the app. If you have any further questions or queries about the app itself, please contact hi@gojauntly.com or check out their FAQ’s

If you think you should be part of the challenge, but you can’t sign up, please contact us at travel@portsmouthcc.gov.uk

Up to two trusted adults who regularly accompany children to and from school can take part. This will ensure that your child benefits from continuity and doesn’t miss out on their rewards. You can use the individual participant code on up to two devices or you can manually add the walk to school by one of the parent or carer’s devices.

On a smartphone, simply visit the Apple Store or Google Play Store, download the ‘Go Jauntly’ app. Select the ‘Challenges’ icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen and select the Pompey Monsters Stomp to School Challenge app.

If you sign-up and consent to sharing Apple HealthKit or Google Fit, the app will be able to monitor and confirm when you walk, cycle or scoot to and from school during the challenge. You can turn this feature on or off without impacting on the services they provide as you are able to add your physical activity manually.

The apps will only retain physical activity data relating to a challenge and will discard any activity outside of the challenge. The app’s activity data remains anonymous and will be only shared with the council in order for them to to inform the school of the weekly winning class. This enables the school to announce the weekly winner, and allows us to establish the effectiveness of the walk to school challenge. For more information visit Go Jauntly’s Privacy Policy or read their Terms of Use

When you first join the challenge on the app Stomper asks for a postcode. This helps the council to understand the route you take to school and will help us to ensure that we develop the right safe walking and cycling facilities for your area. The user account associated with the postcode will be known only to Go Jauntly in line with their Privacy Policy

If you have given the app access to Apple Health and Google Fit, the app can automatically capture movement during specific timeframes that fit with your school run. This includes breakfast clubs, after school clubs and even wrap around care!

Once you have downloaded the Go Jauntly app and registered for the challenge with the unique participant code(s) supplied by the school, switching on access to physical activity data means all you need to do is take your phone with you on your journey to and from school and the app does the rest!


The app will send you a notification when it has recorded your journey (or journeys). All you have to do is select/confirm your school run activity when prompted and the app will record it to the challenge.

It may show that you have done more activity (you may have walked to work), so be sure to just select the activity that was for the school run. The notification(s) will not be instant, you may have to wait a few hours for Stomper to send you a message, particularly if you use an Android device.

Simply go to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and download the Go Jauntly app. Select ‘Challenges’ on the bottom right of the home page, and then click on the Stomp to School Challenge icon.

From there, the app will ask for the unique pupil code(s) which will be given to your child by the school. Input your class code, add any additional codes for siblings where relevant, follow the prompts and off you go.