Portsmouth Car Club

Enterprise Car Club has partnered with us to provide sustainable and affordable car usage for residents.  Portsmouth’s vehicles are part of a wider network of 1,300 pay-as-you-go cars and vans, accessible to members 24/7 on streets, car parks and Enterprise Rent-A-Car branches across the UK.

Join Enterprise Car Club

Car club members can unlock and rent cars for up to five full days in a row or just a quick trip. Cars can be unlocked with a simple tap on the Enterprise app, or by contacting their friendly customer services team for assistance. All vehicles come with an MOT, insurance, breakdown cover, and are regularly cleaned. Eight cars are available from designated parking bays in the southern area of the city, with hopes to expand to more locations in the future. The current bays are in Talbot Road, Devonshire Square, Festing Road, Craneswater Park, Clarence Road, Victoria Road South, Kings Road and Cottage Grove.

Visit the Enterprise car club website for more information

Launched in September 2023, this new partnership also offers resident and corporate membership discounts during the first year. See more information below.


Enterprise Car Club offers

Portsmouth residents can save 60% on standard annual membership and get £20 free driving credit

The partnership between Portsmouth City Council and Enterprise Car Club means that Portsmouth residents can receive their first year’s annual standard membership for just £20 (usually and thereafter £60 a year). As well as saving £50 on membership fees, when you join you can also get £20 free driving credit.

To claim the offer please visit the Enterprise Car Club website and enter the code PORTS20.

Discounts for those in the services

All those in service to the UK across the Emergency Services, NHS or Armed Forces can join Enterprise Car Club at a discounted rate. These offers are accessible via the Defence Discount Service or Blue Light Card.

Find out more at the Enterprise Car Club website.

Already with another car club?  Join Enterprise Car Club for £1

If you already hold (or have held) car club membership with a different provider, you can join Enterprise Car Club for just £1 in the first year (thereafter £60 a year). Simply enter the promo code “COMP600” on the online application form when enrolling in annual standard membership – this will be entered for you automatically if you follow this link.

Once you’ve submitted your application form, please email membership@enterprisecarclub.co.uk to verify the application and to provide proof that you are, or have been, a member of the previous car club. Enterprise only needs to see a booking or membership confirmation email which includes your name and a recent date. Visit Enterprise car clubs website for the promotional terms and conditions.

Open a free corporate account

If you open a corporate account, each driver allocated to the account gets free membership. Enterprise Car Club helps hundreds of businesses looking for cost effective and sustainable transport solutions for their employees.

Bespoke solutions can be crafted to best suit your transport needs. This is through having access to a fleet of 1,300 vehicles parked across the UK, and/or by gaining exclusive access to dedicated vehicles at your premises. By providing your employees access to car club vehicles, you avoid the possible liability of personal vehicles being used for business travel. Other key benefits of opening a corporate account with Enterprise Car Club include free personal membership for you and your employees, centralised billing, and preferential rates.

To find out more information or to open a free corporate account with Enterprise Car Club, please fill out the form and one of the Enterprise team will be in contact.

Frequently asked questions

Enterprise Car Club provides a range of fuel-efficient cars that you can rent by the hour or the day. By signing up as a member, you can access vehicles in Portsmouth and across the UK, picking them up from convenient streets in Portsmouth, or train stations, car parks or Enterprise Rent-A-Car Branches in other areas.

Membership includes fuel, servicing, MOTs, breakdown cover, damage protection and cleaning. This means you only pay for a vehicle when you need it. Reserving these vehicles is easy, with booking available through their website or highly-rated mobile app. Vehicles are accessible 24/7, meaning you don’t need to work around branch opening times.

Eight cars are available from designated parking bays in the southern area of the city, with hopes to expand to more locations in the future. The current bays are in:

  • Talbot Road
  • Devonshire Square
  • Festing Road
  • Craneswater Park
  • Clarence Road
  • Victoria Road South
  • Kings Road
  • Cottage Grove

Members must be 19 years old and over and hold a driving license. Further information on eligibility can be found on the enterprise website.

Enterprise Car Club has a fleet of 1,300+ cars and vans of all sizes across an ever-increasing number of UK towns and cities. Once you’ve joined the location closest to you, you have access to the entire fleet. By having vehicles parked in their own designated bays in, you will always have a space to return to.

Reservations can be for as little as half an hour, a day, or as long as needed. At the end of your reservation, the vehicle should be returned to the same designated bay it was picked up from, so there is always a parking space waiting for you.

Research shows that 34% of car club members joined to make savings from not running their own car (2022 research and infographics come from shared transport charity Collaborative Mobility), avoiding costs such as depreciation, maintenance, insurance, tax, and parking permits.

Car clubs also help to reduce congestion and improve air quality. Research from shared transport charity ‘Collaborative Mobility’ shows that car club cars produce 27% less CO2 than the average car. The positive impact is amplified by the fact that 22 private cars are replaced by each car club vehicle on the road. Visit the enterprise car club website for more information.

All car club vehicles come with damage protection, as well as third party and passenger liability cover, so you won’t need to take out extra insurance.

A damage waiver excess of £1,000 applies, but you’ll only have to pay this if the accident is deemed to be your fault or if a third party can’t be traced. If the repair cost is less than the applicable excess, you’ll only need to pay that amount.

See the Enterprise Car Club website for more information.

All cars are covered for breakdown and recovery assistance. In the event of a breakdown, please call the 24/7 Enterprise Clubhouse line on 0345 266 9290.