Proposed permanent School Street for Bramble School

We want to create child-friendly routes for Bramble School with safer, cleaner streets for everyone travelling through this area, especially during school pick-up and drop-off times. We’ve been actively engaging with residents, parents/carers and school staff to develop a solution to manage traffic in Heyward Road which will also enable more people to walk and cycle. 

If you were unable to attend our recent event at the school where we shared our proposed designs for Heyward Road, we invite you to take part in our survey to share your views. The survey closes on 6 August 2023.  

Read on to learn more about our proposals. 

Our proposal

The proposal is to create a permanent School Street on Heyward Road during school drop off and pick up times. To ensure the success of this School Street, we have carefully considered the needs of various stakeholders. During the restrictions, access will be maintained for residents and business premises, emergency services, school transport, blue badge holders, taxis and carers of residents who live in the street.

Heyward Road residents would receive a free School Street permit for their vehicle to display when entering the walking and cycling zone. To obtain a second, School Street permit, residents can email

The implementation of this proposal would involve several key changes:

  • New signs installed on either side of Heyward Road, displaying the restriction times.
  • Advance warning signs installed on Fawcett Road before the junction with Heyward Road.
  • Two temporary bollards will be positioned at the entrance (left side) of Heyward Road to restrict access during the operating times of the school street.
  • A loading and unloading bay will be installed on Fawcett Road (in front of JCL Halls) under a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO), to enable deliveries to local businesses.

The first three changes would be introduced under an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO).

To find out more about how the School Street will work in Heyward Road, read our FAQs.

Signs with School Street, pedestrian and cycle zone are placed either side of the entrance to Heyward Road with new bollards on the north side

Signs with School Street, pedestrian and cycle zone are placed either side of the entrance to Heyward Road with new bollards on the north side

A view of Fawcett Road from north-south showing placement of the advance warning signage

Advance warning sign visible to oncoming traffic placed before the turn into Heyward Road. The yellow sign will display the times that vehicles are restricted from accessing Heyward Road

A view of Fawcett Road with advance warning signage when travelling south to north


How would the ETRO work in Heyward Road?

An Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO) will be advertised on Heyward Road for up to 18 months, during which time we will consult with residents, businesses and parents, asking for their views on the School Street.

We’ll follow-up our consultation with a six-month progress review, where we will work to understand how effective the restrictions have been. This will allow us to make any changes or decide if the School Street should become permanent.

If the School Street becomes permanent, it will be implemented under a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO).

How will you make sure drivers are observing the restrictions?

We will work with the school to carry out spot checks to ensure that drivers comply with the restrictions. The school will also communicate with parents and carers to help them understand the need to continue to create safer streets for children.

How have we communicated with parents, carers and residents?

  • February 2023. We held our first engagement event at the school to discuss our ambition to create a permanent School Street on Heyward Road.
  • March 2023. We attended two parents’ evenings where we asked for feedback about creating a permanent School Street.
  • March/April 2023. We asked local residents to share their opinions on introducing a permanent School Street.
  • July 2023. We held a second engagement event to share our proposed designs.

Who should I contact if I want to discuss this further?

If you have any further enquiries, please email

How do I complete the survey?

Take part in the survey and share your views. The survey closes on 6 August 2023.