Active Pompey Neighbourhood

A map outlining the area of the Active Pompey Neighbourhood in Central Southsea
Active Pompey Neighbourhood – Central Southsea

An Active Pompey Neighbourhood is an area in the city where we want to reduce the amount of non-local through traffic and prioritise walking, cycling and public transport.

We’re working with residents to create an Active Pompey Neighbourhood in Southsea in the area that stretches from Fawcett and Lawrence Roads on the west, Bath Road to the east, Goldsmith Avenue to the north, and Albert Road to the south. It’s the first time a project like this has been created in the city.

We are asking residents that live in or regularly visit the area to share their views on non-local traffic in the area, how they travel through the area, when they walk and cycle, and when they use the car. We want to hear from residents about how we could make the roads more pleasant to travel on, and pavements safer and nicer to walk along.

Ways to make the neighbourhood more friendly and safer for people to travel in could include:

  • modal filters (planters in the road to restrict most motor traffic)
  • traffic calming
  • one-way streets
  • more trees and plants to make walking more pleasant
  • new crossings for people walking and on bikes

The area has been selected as a pilot for the scheme to build on existing traffic calming measures that have already been put in place and have created quieter streets with less traffic locally.

There are four primary schools and one secondary school in the area and we’re seeking views from pupils who attend the schools and their parents and carers about how school journeys can be improved, and older children can be encouraged to walk or cycle to school.

Share your views through our online survey. Closing date is Sunday 20 November.

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Next steps

Once we have had views from people that live in, work in, or regularly travel through the area, we will trial some designs in the neighbourhood before seeking views again on how they make a difference to people’s lives.