Active Pompey Neighbourhood

A map to show the area of the Active Pompey Neighbourhood, as detailed on this page

Residents have told us they want to live on safer, more pleasant streets with fewer drivers speeding on their roads. If plans are approved, transformation to streets in a Southsea neighbourhood will start later this year.

What is an Active Pompey Neighbourhood?

An Active Pompey Neighbourhood is an area with safer, greener, and more pleasant streets, with fewer drivers speeding or stuck in traffic. It’s a quieter area where people can more easily choose to walk or cycle around Portsmouth.

We’re working with residents to create an Active Pompey Neighbourhood in Southsea in the area that stretches from Fawcett and Lawrence Roads on the west, Bath Road to the east, Goldsmith Avenue to the north, and Albert Road to the south.

Your views

In October and November 2022, we took part in a series of informal engagement events to find out people’s views about Active Pompey Neighbourhoods.

We also sought further feedback about more detailed plans for the roads within the neighbourhood in a public consultation that ran in March and April 2023. This included a survey, talking to schools in the area, talking to people on their doorstep, organising guided walks and a drop-in session for people to find out more.

Feedback from the public consultation has been analysed by our project team, and you can read the results here. Final recommendations were made to a transport decision meeting on 16 November 2023, and work was approved to start in 2024.

What are the specific plans?

Talbot Road and Bramble Road one way system

We’re creating a one-way system with traffic calming measures on Bramble Road and Talbot Road. People on bicycles will still be able to travel both ways. The original plans for this area included plans to take five parking spaces to improve the greenery in the area, but following our consultation in March, we will now only take two parking spaces.

These measures will be installed under an experimental traffic regulation order (ETRO). This means there will be a statutory consultation phase of six months where representations can be made. ‘Zebra planters’, will be installed in place of the two parking spaces. If the scheme is made permanent, these could be replaced with low-level planting areas.

If you want to make a representation of support or objection, please write to us at or Active Pompey Neighbourhoods Team, Portsmouth City Council, Civic Offices, Portsmouth PO1 2AL. Following the implementation of the works we will hold a public consultation to get your thoughts on this new road layout.

You can read the public notice for this here.

Traffic calming

People in your area have mentioned that vehicles can speed on some roads in this neighbourhood. To prevent this, some roads will receive more speed cushions like those on the southern end of Francis Avenue.

The speed cushions will be placed on Fawcett Road, Orchard Road, Talbot Road and Sutherland Road. Two will also be placed at Francis Avenue near Fernhurst Junior School, with one being made into a crossing point.

To build all these measures safely, we will need to close off the road and diversions will be put in place. The works are planned in spring 2024, and we’ll send a letter with more detail once dates are confirmed.

We know that some residents may still require access when the work takes place. Please contact us at or call Colas on 023 9231 0900 to arrange special access.

Road closures

The consultation presented options for the closure of Orchard Road and the eastern entrance and exit on to Francis Avenue from Goldsmith Avenue. When the results were evaluated, it became clear that residents were not in favour of these options and therefore they will not take place.

Next steps

Residents and business on Francis Avenue, Orchard Road, Talbot Road, Sutherland Road and Fawcett Road where speed humps are proposed will receive a letter advising them on the proposed location of the speed humps. There will also be notices on street.  Residents will have 28 days to make a representation to the council. The details of how to do this will be on the letter and the on-street notices.

See the public notices here

We’ll consider all the feedback from all consultations before making recommendations at a formal meeting in the Autumn.

If they go ahead, the proposed speed humps will be put in place as permanent measures.

The Bramble Road and Talbot Road one-way system and the road closure at the junction off Francis Avenue and Goldsmith Avenue will be installed under an experimental traffic regulation order (ETRO) for up to eighteen months.  There is a statutory consultation phase of six months where representations can be made.  Then will also be a public consultation after the measures have been installed for six months.

Should the measures be made permanent after the eighteen-month period, we’ll then look at planting greenery in the areas where spaces are available.

If you’d like to ask any questions, please email us at