Travel Portsmouth

Creating a cleaner, greener, better connected city

We want to make sure everyone in Portsmouth can get into, out of and across the city safely, quickly and easily.

Here you can find out more about transport in Portsmouth . You can also share your views about new plans and travel schemes when consultations are open.

“By 2038 Portsmouth will have a people-centred, connected, travel network that prioritises walking, cycling and public transport to help deliver a safer, healthier and more prosperous city.

(Vision from Portsmouth City Council’s Local Transport Plan)

We want to make it easier for you to choose more sustainable travel. No matter how you get around, we can all do our bit to make our air cleaner and our streets safer.

Find out how we plan to make travel more connected and sustainable in our Portsmouth Transport Strategy

Come with us as we develop clean, accessible, sustainable travel for everyone in Portsmouth.

Transform public transport

Public transport connections need improving in some areas. We’re working to prioritise rapid and reliable public transport to make it easier for people to travel in our city.

cleaner air

Everyone who lives in, works or visits the city should be able to breathe air that won’t damage their health. There needs to be fewer vehicles in the city, and cleaner hybrid or electric vehicles too.


Most trips within the city are short but despite this the car is too often the ‘go to’ choice. We all need more space so we can safely walk in the city.  


Portsmouth is fairly flat and well suited to cycling. We need more space and safer routes so we can safely cycle in the city.  


Portsmouth’s ports and other businesses are central to the success of the city – we need to ensure the transport network allows business to prosper.

Current schemes

You can find out more about our current schemes, and any consultations that are taking place, on the map below.